Friday, October 9, 2009

Random Pics

Random picture of Carter and Gwyn I took last weekend!! I think Carter should teach Gwyn that face, she already has the wide eyes down!!
"The Best Looking Team"
My sixes sand team after the last night!
Dave, RJ, Cory, Sheila, Susan, and Me

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cory and I...

that I accidently deleted from the last blog, on our way to Boardwalk for some food!


At the end of every summer there is a big grass volleyball tournament up in Put-in-Bay. Most of the people I play volleyball with all year round travel up to the island for the weekend. For us it kind of celebrates the end of summer and the beginning of getting back to the indoor courts. This year my roommate (Katie), our friend Cory, and I were able to all get Friday off to head up early and enjoy the pool and sun a little. It was a great trip and I hope you enjoy some of the pictures.
The view on the ferry ride to the island, we were so excited when taking this picture!!

Hanging out at the pool, as you will see in later pictures, I got some sun!!

This is Katie and I's favorite roommate picture of the weekend!
Enjoying our blue slushies!

Picture of our hotel's pool, Mr. Eds, from right outside our room!

After an afternoon of sun, we got cleaned up and ready to go out...Cory and I are ready to dance!

Bob arrived so I had to take a quick pic with him.

Mo, Me, Katie, and Carla

My travel companions!!

Katie and I

Friday night at PIB all the Columbus people meet up at Frosty's here are some pictures of the Friday night Festivities!!

Dave with the ladies

Me and Gatsby Boys (I play sand at the Bogey Inn, another place on the East side of Columbus is called Gatsbys...its kinda an East Side - West Side kinda thing) But we still love each other!! ;)

My girl Mo

Nice look Cory!

Me and Sheila

Emily, RJ, and I

I missed you Dave

Volleyball chicks all dressed up!!


After playing vball all day here are a few pictures from Saturday night out on the town.
Me, Cory, and Katie

Me and Denninger...miss ya tons, East Coast boy!

Me and the Roomie

After two days of fun in the sun a few of us stayed Sunday night for some extra relaxing. We met some guys at the hot tub so here is my crew for the night.
Me and Ian
Friends old and new, Ian, Cory, Koza, Dave, and Brian

Taking a break for a pic with Cory and Dave on the way to Boardwalk for some food.
(Cory somehow got left out of this Blog, but I squeezed him in in the next)

Columbus Fun with Carter

A few weeks ago Carter came to Columbus for a few nights to stay with Aunt Dede...we had lots of fun! We went to the Chinese buffet where Carter thought it would be fun to try french fries and chocolate pudding. Dede doesnt like it!
We watched Scooby Doo all morning...this was Carter's viewing position!
Carter helped me make snicker cookies for my upcoming weekend with all my volleyball friends, they were liked by all, but I don't think I did as well as Gma Jean does. Carter and I started playing with play-doh, this was the spaceship that Aunt Dede made!

On Thursday Papa came and we went out for lunch at Mongolian BBQ where Carter started shaking his finger at us!
The highlight of the trip to Columbus was the Lego store at Easton!!
Carter got his picture taken with a huge Lego statue of Yoda!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wedding Bells

Diane and Curtis (her son)

Tracy (Diane's daughter)
Dad, Diane, and I

Gwyneth Ann

Carter and Megan, Diane's niece...they made great friends running around...Carter can't wait to visit them in Ft. Wayne

The Mike Owens Family

Gwyn sleeping comfortably in Daddy's arms

Welcome to the Owens family, Diane!

Diane, Dad, and her family

Smile Pretty

Cake anyone??

Carter and Brezlyn

The Happy Couple

One big happy family

Dad and Diane saying their vows

Dad, Diane, Carter, and Pup-pup at PLC walk